Sojadis - Sojadis Manual Push/Pull Brake with Electric Accelerator

Manufacturer: Sojadis
  • Description

The Sojadis Manual Push/Pull Brake with Electric Accelerator is an accelerator system that provides smooth, progressive acceleration and it is non-tiring. The adaptation is a manual push/pull brake and the accelerator is low effort due to the electronic assist. The device is suitable for people who have limited mobility/strength in the hand/wrist.  

The unique design of the controls allows easy and unobtrusive fitting to all modern vehicles and offers the user unsurpassed comfort and safety. The lever is mounted under the steering wheel. 

This product is also available with indicator (Product Code SJ16 (Non-Multiplex) / SJ17 (Multiplex) )

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for further details. 

  • Manufacturer: Sojadis
  • Product Code: SJ15
  • Availability: Pre-Order

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