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Manufacturer: Handytech
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The vertical brake HT-PUSH works by a natural push forward. Particular care and attention has been dedicated to ergonomics and to the design, this one designed by Danilo Ragona (www.daniloragona.com). The four available colours of the leather coating for the knobs, the matt black colour coupled to the aluminium parts from the lever, and the two possible colorations Silver or Black of the rotation point finishing plate, allow the integration of the device in the modern vehicles’ interior.

The different settings available enable the possibility to place the horn and the electric brake lock buttons on right or left side allowing the device to be adjusted to the needs of the user. HT-PUSH is not bound to the steering column, assuring space for the transfer from the wheelchair to the seat and preserving the original vehicle safety features, such as knee air bag, steering-wheel setting. Moreover for its installation it’s not necessary to modify the plastic trim around the

The combination of HT-PUSH brake and the devices accelerator allows the deactivation of the acceleration during the final part of the braking, so to manage better hill starts and parking. As the device is universal, it is possible to transfer it on to a new vehicle, restoring the old vehicle to its original conditions.

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  • Manufacturer: Handytech
  • Product Code: HA01
  • Availability: Pre-Order

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