The K5 Underwheel Electronic Accelerator has been described as ‘the beginning of a new age’, where, with just hand controls you can choose to drive in 5 different ways……

The K5 can be used in cars with an automatic transmission or automatic clutch by drivers with lack of mobility to the lower limbs. It transfers the accelerator control from the pedal to the steering wheel, allowing you to accelerate with one or both hands.

This product is developed and designed specifically for the car model in which it will be installed, ensuring the original design is not effected by the installation.

The accelerator ring is placed under the steering wheel, in doing so the functionality of the airbag and horn are not interfered with. It’s positioning also ensures the dashboard is not obstructed.

Thanks to the K5 you can appreciate a natural and dynamic driving experience with excellent control.

The K5 is CE marked and meets EMC standards.

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for more information.