BraunAbility Q-Series Lift

Completely quiet premium wheelchair lifts.



Almost all lifts on the market today follow a common industry standard set by BraunAbility close to 40 years ago.  Over that time their lifts have earned the reputation of reliable workhorses. However, inboard lifts also ride inside the cabin and honestly, sometimes they’re not the best passengers. They can rattle. They can look ugly in nice vans. They can even shift and sway under load while in use.

Having a lift that goes up and down is one thing. BraunAbility set out to reinvent the wheelchair lift to match the premium experience of modern vehicles. By combining their four decades of experience with human-centred design processes they now proudly present their new Q-Series inboard lifts. The reliability and robustness synonymous with BraunAbility together with a smart design that excels above all others in three dimensions: quiet whilst driving, structural rigidity and design aesthetics.


The Q-Series lifts are as quiet as they get. In a blind test you wouldn’t even be able to hear the difference between an empty van and one with a Q-Series lift installed.



The rigidity of the platform is a major factor in the user experience. Nothing is a scary as riding on a floppy platform. These lifts are so rigid, they dare say they are the only lifts that are designed for having an attendant riding in the outer corner of the platform together with the wheelchair user. In plain numbers it’s about 300 percent more rigid than any lift we’ve seen.



One thing you’ll notice about a Q-Series lift is that it’s not only pleasant to look at, it’s filled with clever solutions for what used to be major or minor annoyances of yesteryear’s lifts.



The Q-Series wheelchair lifts come in two different platform types, Split and Solid.  Both are well proven platform types that have their own benefits. Choose the platform type that best suits your application.

Split platform – out of sight and out of the way.  This platform type stows by splitting down the middle with each part folding up against the sides of the vehicle. In its stowed position the wheelchair lift is out of the way and out of sight.

Solid platform – the standard platform type.  The perhaps most classic design of a wheelchair lift platform.  Designed for rear and side door installation.