This product is the combination pair with double front passenger shields. Screens off rear seating compartment.  Allows audio/visual communication but no physical contact.

Drivershields are designed for protection and tested for safety.  They are ideal for community care as drivers carrying passengers with learning disabilities can be at risk.  Disturbance to a driver’s concentration (the rear view mirror was not designed for checking what is happening in the back of the vehicle); or physical interference from passengers whilst driving has to be avoided. Those with learning disabilities usually benefit from excursions into the community, but this can only be achieved safely with driver protection.  Drivershields facilitate audio/visual communication with passengers without possibility of physical contact.  They offer the driver the protection necessary to solve the problem.

*Drivershields are also suitable for cab drivers and police and security.

Drivershields screen off both the driver and front passenger side, preventing physical contact with you from behind. The Drivershields system is particularly flexible; there are no fixings into the fabric of the vehicle. The shields just clip into place and are firm to the seats which can be adjusted backwards/forwards in the normal way. Drivershields can be removed and fitted to a different vehicle just as quickly, making them a unique long term investment in your safety. When you change your vehicle simply move your Drivershields to your new vehicle.

Note: Drivershields are available in 4 options:

  1. Single shield to give excellent protection from behind
  2. Single shield with added side panel for those concerned about attack from a front seat passenger.
  3. Pair of shields (driver and front passenger seats). Screens off rear seating compartment.  Allows audio/visual communication but no physical contact.
  4. Combination pair with double front passenger shield.

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for more information.