The Double Intertia occupant belt is comprised of dual occupant retractors and a separate vehicle anchorage point for securing wheelchairs in small personal mobility vehicle, minibuses, ambulances or buses. It is frequently used in Community Transport vehicles across Europe and other areas throughout the world.

Features and Benefits:

  • Heavy Duty Cover – Durable metal cover for heavy duty use. Offers enhanced protection against hard everyday use.
  • Unique Internal Floating Guide – Keeps debris away from the retractor mechanisms and prevents twisting of the belts. Provides greater comfort in securing wheelchair passengers.
  • PLI Fitting – Positive Locking Indicator on fitting serves as a visual locked indicator to ensure the fitting is locked into the vehicle anchorage.
  • Track Anchorage – Mounts directly onto a Track fitting (PLI). while maintaining a low-profile height.
  • Dual Vehicle Sensitive Retractors – Retractors offer both inertia locking (a fast, hard pull will lock the retractor) and vehicle sensitive locking (retractor locks if the vehicle is on a slope of 15 degrees or more) for additional passenger safety.
  • Colour Coded Webbing – To differentiate shoulder and lap belts to help those securing passengers to visually verify the proper use of securement equipment.
  • Heavy Duty Performance – in a compact, low profile retractor.

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for more information.

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