Q’Straint QER 4000 Electrical Locking Retractor from BAS is a worldwide first in electric locking retractors.

Q’Straint introduces QER-4000, the world’s first 4m front electrical locking retractor for the easy securement of wheelchairs in vehicles.

  • 4m Webbing- Allows the safe and easy securement of the wheelchair and occupant to take place on flat ground as opposed to on a ramp.
  • Zinc Casing – Durable casing to protect webbing and ensure product longevity.
  • Optional Plastic Cover – The durable plastic cover helps reduce weight (Europe Only)
  • Extra Lateral Strength Bar – Provides superior resilience and strength.
  • Compatible With All 12 Volt Vehicles – The electric retractor is easily integrated into the vehicle’s electrical system as the process involves only a single plug connection.
  • Minimum Tensile Strength of 1,500kg – Exceeds industry standards by up to 20%.
  • One Bolt Installation – Ensures a quick and straightforward installation as only one bolt is required to safely secure the unit to the vehicle floor.
  • Successfully Undergoes 50,000 Cycle Testing Operations – Surpasses automotive seatbelt standards.

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for further details.