Unwin - Unwin - M2 T-Bolt 25mm

Manufacturer: Unwin
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A 1 point fixing which is compatible with all approved seat manufacturers. 

  • The M2 25mm T-Bolts work as a non-removable fixing for permanent seat position or, can be re-positioned by loosening the nuts and sliding the seat across the rail. Should the seats be re-positioned, the nyloc nut must be replaced. 
  • The M2 25mm T-Bolts are a very effective anti-rattle device.
When used in conjunction with the M1 T-Bolt, the M2 25mm T-Bolt should be positioned at the front of the seat to meet the M1 load regulation. Four M2 25mm T-Bolts can also be used to secure single seats and meet the M2 load regulation. 

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for more information. 

  • Manufacturer: Unwin
  • Product Code: UNSF08
  • Availability: Pre-Order

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