We are pleased to announce that two of our engineers have now completed their Level 3 IMI training for Hybrid and Electric vehicles.   

The qualification is specifically designed for engineers working on high voltage electric and hybrid vehicles using traction batteries with voltages above 60V DC.  In order to install an adaptation, the vehicle will need to be electrically disabled and as a result of this the training is mandatory for all installers working on these vehicles. The course has been designed to give the knowledge and skills required to work safely on Electric/Hybrid vehicles and it has been made a requirement by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) and Adaptation Manufacturers for their installers to be fully qualified.

Owner and MD Bill Bradley commented “Here at BAS we have definitely seen a shift towards Hybrid and Electric when customers are choosing a new vehicle and we felt it imperative to ensure that our engineers were fully trained in this area. Not only due to the requirement by the HSE, but also to ensure that we can continue to give our customers the best possible service. I had no doubt that our engineers would pass the course and as always I am proud of their efforts and achievements. Very shortly our remaining engineers will also be taking the qualification, once again ensuring that we can provide an optimum service for our customers.”