Helen Dolphin MBE is an independent mobility consultant and has recently joined the BAS team as Brand Ambassador.  She frequently writes and reports on disability and mobility related topics and has recently started a new feature with Motability called “Ask Helen”. Helen has been a Motability scheme customer for over 20 years and in this new series, she uses her expertise and knowledge to answer questions from Motability customers and the general public.

Her latest “Ask Helen” video is based around adaptations and driving assessments and we are thrilled that Helen has chosen to talk about the BAS Push/Pull and her thoughts on this relatively new to the market adaptation.

You can watch all of Helen’s “Ask Helen” videos by clicking on the following link…..


If you would like any further information on the BAS Push/Pull or any of our other adaptations available, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0161 776 1594 or email the office on office@basnw.co.uk.