Helen Dolphin MBE came on board as BAS Brand Ambassador at the beginning of April and since then she has been actively campaigning and promoting the safety features of the new BAS Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator.

Before being introduced to the BAS Push/Pull, Helen was not aware of the safety implications she faced with her current Push/Pull adaptation and she believes it is imperative that adaptation users are made fully aware of the safety features (or lack of) of a product.

She has recently wrote an article where she talks about having to change her vehicle adaptations, and how at first this seemed quite scary, nerve-wracking, frustrating, the list goes on. However, once she got used to her new adaptations she was absolutely fine and in fact very happy with the driving experience.  If you take the time to get used to a new adaptation, you may find that is more suitable and in fact safer than the previous adaptations you have been using.

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Helen Dolphin talks about changing vehicle adaptations