BAS Mobility in Warington recently completed a bespoke conversion for Cumbria County Council. The customer required the vehicle to be completely anti-tamper proof and every pocket had to be sealed completely. A clear protection screen was fitted between the driver and the rear seating area and checker plate flooring was fitted throughout the vehicle. Cumbria County Council were extremely pleased with the conversion and have expressed their thanks in the following testimonial….

May I, on behalf of the service user and his staff team, pass on our thanks for your diligence and commitment in carrying out a fantastic conversion to his new Peugeot P Tepee HDI 92 Motability vehicle. Your company has ensured that Mr S`s very specific and individual needs have been met by carrying out a unique, time consuming and thought provoking conversion, ensuring the safety of all using the vehicle. We appreciate the constant checking of specifics and attention to detail your team has shown in this project, culminating in a fantastic result in a short space of time. The client is extremely happy with the results and as this car is the only way he can access the world outside his house, I cannot express how much we appreciate what you have done.

Karen Plevey [supervisor SCDSS] – Cumbria County Council