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MIM/BraunAbility – Carobrake Electric Parking Brake

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Gives you full control of your vehicle’s parking brake at the touch of a button.

The Carobrake is a device that makes a manual parking brake into an automatic parking break via an actuator pulling on the parking brake wire.

Carobrake comes in two versions the 1600N and the 2200N. The number indicates how much force or tension in Newtons that the Carobrake is able to pull with.  For example the Carobrake 2200N, equipped with the more powerful actuator, pulls the parking brake wire with a force of 2200N.

Both models can be mounted under the vehicle and connected to the original parking brake wire.

There are both universal mounting brackets and vehicle specific mounting brackets for the Carobrake series.  The latter is made for a specific vehicle type in combination with a specific Carobrake model.




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