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MIM/BraunAbility – Chair Topper (Roof Mounted Wheelchair Stowage Box)

We offer a range of wheelchair stowage options, both for stowing in the vehicle and on top of the vehicle. Contact the office on 0161 776 1594 to find out more about these great products.


Load, transport and retrieve your folding frame wheelchair using a roof top box.

Simple, convenient and space saving.


Think of it as a valet service for your wheelchair. When you get seated in your car, the Chair Topper will take care of your wheelchair for you.  When you’re ready to leave the car, the Chair Topper will bring your wheelchair to you. In between it is safely stored in the weatherproof roof top box.  It’s a great solution for independent drivers as well as passengers.

A clean solution:

Since your wheelchair never touches the interior of your car you don’t have to worry about dirt and mud on your wheels.  Inside the Chair Topper’s weatherproof compartment your wheelchair is protected from the elements.

Full seat capacity:

The Chair Topper is one of few solutions for bringing a wheelchair along that doesn’t take up seating space or storage space in the vehicle.  If you bought a five-seat car it will remain a five-seater even after it’s been adapted with the Chair Topper.

New Design:

If you’ve ever seen a Chair Topper before you will notice that Autoadapt have added a flow to its design.  Every curve and line in the case has thought behind it, to visually match the cars of today.

Quick Operation:

It only takes 30 seconds to load or retrieve your wheelchair. Getting your wheelchair in or out is super easy, just push the corresponding button on the remote.


The original colour of the Chair Topper is white but only your imagination sets the limit of how it can look.  The casing can be painted or vinyl striped to match your car or to make it stand out in any way you like.

Parking in tight spaces:

Another feature of the Chair Topper is that you can do parallel parking, without having to worry about being able to open the boot.  When it comes to standard parking spaces it’s also a very narrow solution.  You really don’t need more space next to your car than the width of your unfolded wheelchair.  As long as you have the space to do the transfer to your wheelchair, the Chair Topper will work for you.

One size fits all:

The Chair Topper is suitable for use with most car models and makes.  The most important being that the car can be fitted with a roof rack.  As for wheelchairs, the Chair Topper can take most folding frame models weighing up to 20kg.  To make sure the Chair Topper can be used with your car and wheelchair, contact your local Autoadapt dealer.

No permanent modification:

Since the Chair Topper is mounted using standard roof rack it doesn’t require any permanent modification to your car.  Power cables are hidden behind the windshields weather seal and use existing cable channels to enter into the car’s interior. This keeps the resale value of your car and makes it possible to transfer the Chair Topper to your new car.


Dimensions (Roof Box):

  • Length – 1430mm
  • Width – 1310mm
  • Height – 460 + 100* mm
  • Extension – 910mm
  • Chain length – 1090mm

*During operation the product extends an additional 10cm in height.

Dimensions (Wheelchair):

  • Folded height – 930mm
  • Folded apex height – 830mm
  • Folded width – 350mm


  • Cycle test approved (10.000)
  • Crash test approved
  • EMC approved
  • Climate test approved


  • Lift capacity – 20kg
  • Unit weight – 55kg



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