BraunAbility A-Series Lift

A cassette lift for public transport minibuses.



The BraunAbility A-Series lift was developed in Europe for the European public transport market. Key focus lies on quick installation, low weight, reliability and ease of service.

The cassette form factor has its benefits. For one, since it is mounted under the floor, it allows for maximum flexibility in floor planning. In the event of an emergency, another type of lift could be a potential obstruction to the only exit.

At 124kg, 149kg fitted, it’s the lightest lift on the market that can do a stable lift of 350kg.  In other words, it has the lowest weight to lift capacity which also makes it the green choice in terms of fuel economy.  Depending on the vehicle, a lightweight lift might be just the trick to get that one extra seat in – and still comply with regulations.


  • Tested and approved:
    • Salt spray test – according to ASTM B117-11
    • Climate test – multiple full cycle tests in -15 degrees celsius and +60 degrees celsius
    • Cycle test – 32,000 cycles at maximum load
    • EMC test – according to ECE-R10
    • Complies with the EN1756 standard
  • Lightweight – leading capacity-to-weight ratio.
  • Fresh and clean design – designed and tested to minimise the effects of dirt in the machinery.
  • Remote controlled – for simplicity only 3 buttons are used to control the lift.
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Sturdy handrails
  • Manual bridge plate
  • Smooth and silent in operation