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Fiorella Slim Fit F360/F360 EX Platform Lift

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“The most innovative platform lift in the world”

Fiorella Wheelchair Systems, based in Italy, has produced platform lifts for the personal market for over 20 years and distributes its lifts worldwide.  The Fiorella design is uniquely attuned to the needs of platform lift users. Customer focus and engineering creativity allows Fiorella to offer platform lifts with features no one else can.

Fiorella Advantages:

  • Visual and audible maintenance reminders
  • Italian design that integrates beautifully with vehicle interiors and exteriors
  • Cutting edge materials and engineering for compact size and low weight
  • F-Twister swivel base allows the lift to rotate 90 degrees
  • Detachable control unit plus right and left arm allow a wide range of configurations for maximum versatility
  • Unique anti-crushing arm to stop the lift if any body part or object is in its path

Features of the New F360:

  • New aluminium sticker for front arm and new aluminium sticker for bridge plate
  • New anti-slip painting on the wheelchair platform and new grey colour for all the plastic coverings
  • New pump design – the emergency lever is always hidden from the front view and you take it out only when you need to use it.
  • New chrome-plated screws designed by Focaccia, to fix the pump and arm coverings.
  • New cover for the Twister (optional) to hide the gap between the floor and twister base.

Ease of use:

All lift functions can be controlled via the standard, jewel-like keychain remote or through an intuitive multi-language LCD interface.  The LCD interface informs users when service is required or a maintenance interval is approaching, both with visual messages and audible reminders.

Integrated design:

Until now, platform lifts have been more industrial looking. Fiorella’s Italian design team has developed a platform lift that integrates beautifully with vehicle interiors.  For customers who desire the highest level of visual integration, the external lift covers can be painted to match the vehicle exterior.

Modularity & versatility:

The Fiorella Lift comes in semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions to meet the needs of both caregivers and independent drivers. The LCD control unit is detachable and can be located anywhere in the vehicle when space is at a premium. In addition, Fiorella is offered in both right and left arm configurations, and with both compact and extended platform size, making it possible to optimize lift installation for specific applications and positions.


Fiorella Slim Fit can also be equipped with Evo-Twister, the new swivel base that allows you to rotate the lift by 90 degrees.  Compact size, swivel function and ergonomic design allow the care giver to perform loading and tie-down operations very quickly, with maximum safety and comfort.


Allows rotation of the Fiorella Lift, clearing vehicle entrance. The Lift can be installed along with F-Twister on the side door with internal rotation to be used in Shuttle-minibus conversions or on the rear door with external rotation for Taxi applications. F-Twister also represents the quickest and most efficient emergency exit.


Optional wireless remote control with ergonomic handling and unrivalled battery life.


Optional remote control with spiral wire and ergonomic handling: works in combination with wireless remote.

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