The Handytech Electric Lift for Side Door is a unique product as it can be installed in line with the sliding side door of the majority of minivans on the market, provided they have a door opening of at least 1050mm.  It’s unique handling system complete with vertical sliding and rotary movements, makes it possible to use in confined spaces, ensuring that loading can be performed near pavements and narrow spaces.

The device has a folding platform which opens automatically, meaning that it can be easily flipped down by hand, restoring full access to the vehicle through the sliding side door.  The Electric Lift for Side Door is manufactured entirely from steel and has an epoxy paint finish to guarantee maximum resistance to corrosions. The platform has an anodized aluminium cover and is powered by linear electric actuators, known for their maximum efficiency and reduced power consumption. Each manoeuvre is actuated through a wired controller, with an extendable cable, and regulated by limit switches.  The Electric Lift for Side Door has been designed with adaptable brackets and electrical connections which are specific to the vehicles on which it is installed.

The Electric Lift for Side Door weighs approximately 95kg; due to the side installation of the device, it does not have any negative impact on weight distribution or vehicle stability when driving. Despite the reduced weight, made possible by a series of reinforcements executed during the manufacturing process, it still has a capacity of 200kg. This lift is particularly recommended for vehicles adapted for wheelchair drivers who are looking for complete independence.

Key Features:

  • Side installation
  • Supplied with specific brackets
  • All operations are made with electronic actuators
  • Loading floor made of anodized aluminium
  • Dark grey powder painting
  • Remote control with extendable cable
  • Equipped with sonorous and visual buzzers
  • Manual operation in case of emergency situations
  • Capacity up to 200kg (optional up to 250kg)
  • Surmountable gap up to 650mm
  • Electric functioning at 12Vcc
  • Weight of only 80kg
  • Reduced electric consumption
  • Reduced dimensions
  • Free access from the door where it is installed