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Handytech Push Brake with Electric Touch Accelerator Floor Mounted

BAS offer a wide range of adaptations to improve your driving environment. These range from Push/Pull Brake/Accelerators, Secondary Driving Controls, Steering Aids, Electronic Accelerators, Pedal Extensions, Handbrake Aids and many more. Contact the office on 0161 776 1594 to find out more about these great products.


If you are unable to use the foot pedals in your vehicle, this adaptation is ideal. It is fitted on the left hand side of the steering wheel, so if you have more strength in your left hand and/or limited use of your right hand, then this is the best option for you

This adaptation has a mechanical braking device and electronic acceleration, meaning that braking is performed with a natural pushing action and acceleration with a simple touch of the thumb. Thanks to the innovative design the device can be integrated seamlessly into even the most modern and technological vehicle interiors.

The device has been designed to meet the needs of each user and as such the accelerator button can be either right or left side.

The push brake operation is smooth and gradual thanks to the ergonomic grip, as is the thumb touch acceleration. The device controls vehicle acceleration by means of magnetic field variations, which are amplified by an electrical control unit interfaced with the vehicle control system.


  • Mechanical Push Brake
  • Electronic ¬†Button Accelerator
  • Fitting on the left side for use with left hand
  • Accelerator button can be left or right
  • Smooth and gradual acceleration/braking
  • Durable
  • Vehicle safety systems are not compromised (Air Bags etc.)
  • Universal – transferable into different vehicles.



Available Options:

  • With Horn and Brake Lock
  • Just as Floor Mounted Push/Pull Brake and Accelerator with/without Horn and Brake Lock
  • Just as Floor Mounted Push Brake with/without Horn and Brake Lock

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for further details.



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