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Handytech Person Lift (Handylift) With Hinge Door Bracket Up To 90kg

Seating Aids/Conversions are ideal for those customers who struggle to get in and out of their vehicle. We offer a wide range including person hoists, transfer plates, swivel seats and extended seat runners. Contact the office on 0161 776 1594 to find out more about our full range of seating aids.


Handytech introduces the new and updated Handylift, increasing its quality and officially recognising it as a Medical Device (Medical Registration Number COD. 2000471).

The Handylift is an electro-mechanical lifting arm that has the function to facilitate the transfer of a passenger from their wheelchair to the original vehicle seat.

The Handylift is usually installed by the front passenger door, but it is possible to install it by other suitable access compartments too. A sturdy sling, made of washable fabric, placed between the passenger and the wheelchair is hooked to the Handylift that allows a quick and easy transfer of the user, thanks to its three horizontal rotation points coupled to the electronic lifting system.

The Handylift has a weight of 9.5 Kg and a lifting capacity of 90 Kg.

Note: This version of the Handylift is installed with a removable hinge door bracket.  Click here for fixed bracket installation version.

It is equipped with a wi-fi remote control for the electric gear motor with anti-crushing safety system.  After the transfer operation, the Handylift can be removed from the support bracket installed in the vehicle and it can be stored in the appropriate bag and placed in the boot.  With a single device, Handylift allows transfers to be carried out on different vehicles, provided they have been fitted with a support bracket.

Main features of the new and updated Handylift:

  • Max capacity: 90kg
  • Weight: only 9.5kg
  • Lifting excursion: 440mm
  • Slings: S, M and L sizes
  • New motor with new wi-fi remote control
  • LED Lights
  • New emergency system
  • Wireless remote control
  • New harness with improved passenger stability

Available Options:

  • Transfer Kit for Handylift Person Lift (Hinge Door Bracket) – HTL005

Click here for the BAS Person Hoists leaflet.

Click here for the Handylift leaflet.


This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for further details.


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