Transfer from wheelchair to car seat without lifting.


The Carony is about being able to go places, do things and be spontaneous.  It will give any user and their carer more independence. It’s the freedom to go wherever you wish and be more active. Everyday things like shopping or spur of the moment things like having a picnic by the sea.

What does the Carony do?

The Carony is a system that lets you transfer from wheelchair to seat without lifting.  It takes away all the difficult, heavy and dangerous parts of the transfer.  It’s as safe and comfortable as a standard car seat and it’s as versatile and easy to use as a transport wheelchair.

Who is the Carony for?

  • Users
  • Carers
  • Couples
  • Children
  • Parents

What is required from me?

As a user the Carony lets you do the transfer with very little effort, in fact all you need to do is stay seated.  As a carer you don’t even have to be very strong to transfer a heavy person.  If you can push a wheelchair with a person in it, then you can use the Carony.

How do I use it?

Three simple steps to transfer from wheelchair to car seat without lifting:

  1. Swivel
  2. Dock
  3. Slide