A highly adaptable seat for children and people of short stature.


On the GS Seat, almost everything can be individually adjusted, for example the seat depth and the position of each arm rest in all three dimensions.  The GS Seat also has a wide number of accessories that will help further adapt the seat to a user’s specific needs.

Designed with the growing child in mind, the GS Seat can be adjusted to provide comfortable and safe seating.

GS Seat is compatible with the Carony transfer wheelchair system, the Turnout swivel seat and the Turny seat lift.

Configure to your needs:

  • Adjustable arm rests.
  • Relive table – a place to put things or get additional support when the armrests aren’t enough.
  • Abduction block – keeps the users legs separated.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Chest padding to improve comfort and stop the posture belt from sliding apart.
  • Incontinence cover – protects the seat cushion from liquid spills.
  • Footrests with optional straps and heel supports.
  • Headrest with large sides – provides more stability if needed.
  • Belt deflector.

Compatibility Matrix: