The Turny 6 Way is the new and improved 6-Way Base.


The Turny 6 Way enables users to easily get from a wheelchair to the front seat of a vehicle and vice versa. As the name suggests the seat lift can move in 6 directions: up, down, forwards, backwards, as well as rotate left to right. This means that the seat can be brought backwards, rotated to face the inside of the vehicle and set to a desired height to enable users to easily transfer from a wheelchair, whilst inside the vehicle.

Key Features:

  • Universal configurable adaptation.
  • Can be installed on both the driver and passenger side.
  • Does not impede the functionality of the vehicle – it is possible to share the vehicle with someone who doesn’t use the wheelchair transfer system.
  • No permanent modification to the vehicle.
  • One control box to control the movement of the seat which is adjustable in position.
  • Rotates up to 140 degrees.
  • 180kg weight capacity.
  • Two installation points to accommodate users who need to sit closer to the steering wheel.
  • Seat belt geometrical.
  • Improve OEM seat compatibility.