Q’Straint Inqline

Rear-entry winch and retractor system. The ideal solution for both passenger onboarding and passenger securement.


Inqline securement is a fully tested, fully integrated, heavy duty winch and restraint system that features dual automatic retractors that double as front tie downs.  The patent pending design is the first steerable system, finally allowing full control to get your passenger into position without the usual shoves, snags, back injuries or high liability potential of overruns associated with winches.

Inqline’s 360 degrees thumb controller allows operators to effortlessly steer a wheelchair occupant up and down a ramp.  No two wheelchairs are perfectly balanced. No vehicle is ever parked on a perfectly level surface.  Only Inqline securement gives you the control needed to safely compensate and steer your passenger regardless of the everyday factors.

Suitable for rear-access community transport and rear-access WAVs.




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