Q’Straint QRT-1 Series

‘The world’s most trusted wheelchair retractors’

The securement system that changed everything.  The original 4-point wheelchair securement system, QRT-1 Series retractors defined the way passenger safety devices are designed and tested.  With a range of three different options to fit every need and every budget, the QRT-1 Series of retractors offer easy to use, effective 4-point securement of wheelchairs for virtually any vehicle application.


  1. QRT Standard – semi automatic retractor that meets all industry standards and specifications.
  2. QRT Deluxe – self-locking and tensioning retractor with ergonomic housing and dual tensioning knobs.
  3. QRT Max – fully automatic, premium knob-less retractor that allows for one handed operation.

Suitable for school bus, city bus, coach bus, rail, community transport, minivan and WAV.




Click here for the QRT Series Brochure