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S Series Step (SE1000)

We offer a wide range of vehicle steps including single, double, motorised and manual models. They are suitable for a range of vehicles and are an ideal adaptation for aiding entry/exit. Contact the office on 0161 776 1594 to find out more about the full range of steps available.

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S Series Steps:

The Stayco standard series of cassette steps incorporate proven features developed from many years of successful step design and manufacture by this company.

These robust, reliable and competitively priced steps have a 300mm deep platform containing Stayco’s exclusive tread profile, incorporating a soft rubber insert to the leading edge and a high grip yellow and black rubber strip along the top edge.  Coupled with their high-visibility protective corner covers, they enhance the look of any vehicle.

Steps come with a twelve month on site warranty with the option to extend for a further year subject to an approved servicing schedule.  Fitting kits for most popular vehicles are available.  All the steps in this range can be optionally fitted with flashing corner warning LEDs and ground illumination from under-tread lighting.  The most powerful twin-arm models can also be fitted with deploy interrupt.  This automatically stops the step deploying should the front edge of the step come into contact with an object.

SE1000 Step:

The SE1000 electric cassette step is powered by a Stayco all metal geared electric motor with a single arm activation link to the tread.  The motor unit contains magnetic micro switches for improved tolerance to dirt and cold.  In the event of a power failure when the step is deployed, the tread can be disconnected easily from the motor link arm and then manually closed.


  • Tread size deployed: 300mm x 1000mm
  • Tread deployment movement: 245mm
  • Minimum projection of case below sill height: 65mm
  • Case depth behind sill lip: 470
  • Closed tread projection out from sill lip: 55mm
  • Overall width of case: 1088mm


  • 22kgs

Standard Equipment:

  • Extruded anodised aluminium ribbed tread profile
  • High grip yellow and black rubber strip to tread top edge
  • Soft rubber cushion strip to leading edge of tread
  • Extruded anodised aluminium side arms
  • Rubber weather flap to underside of tread
  • High visibility corner mouldings
  • Galvanised steel case
  • Stainless steel rails
  • Nylon rollers
  • 12v Stayco geared single arm motor unit
  • Magnetic micro switches


  • Corner tread flashing lights
  • Under tread lights
  • 24v motor
  • Vehicle mounting kits
  • Wire loom kit consisting of: wire loom, control unit, dash switch, dash warning light.


  • 12 months on site with option at time of purchase to increase for a further year subject to approved service and maintenance
  • Complies with all current legislative requirements
  • CE marked

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for more information.

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