Universal Steering Wheel Aid to assist with safe and comfortable driving.

  • Universal Steering Wheel Aid
  • Clamps onto steering wheel
  • Easy to fit


Warning: Check regularly to make sure the steering aid remains tight on the steering wheel.

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Unscrew then remove the bottom nut, the split/spring washers and open the metal clamp.
  2. Select a suitable location on the steering wheel and wrap the rubber protector around the wheel. Place the clamp over the rubber protector.
  3. Push the bolt back through the open clamp and secure in place with the spring/split washers and nut.
  4. Hold the top nut in place with a suitable spanner while tightening the bottom nut.
  5. Ensure the handle is secure to the steering wheel. Fully rotate the steering wheel to check the wheel can move without obstruction.