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Step Optional Extras

We offer a wide range of vehicle steps including single, double, motorised and manual models. They are suitable for a range of vehicles and are an ideal adaptation for aiding entry/exit. Contact the office on 0161 776 1594 to find out more about the full range of steps available.

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Deploy Interrupt

This can be fitted to the wider cassette models fitted with more powerful twin-arm motor units.  The soft rubber nosing on the tread leading edge contains a strip switch.  If the nosing comes into contact with an immovable object, such as a person’s leg, the pressure on the nosing closes the strip switch and this cuts out the electric motor. The step has to be re-switched by the driver or the door re-opened for the tread to continue to deploy or close.

Under Tread Lighting

Under tread lighting illuminates the ground below and in front of a deployed step that can often be left in shadow from the vehicle entrance lights. They consist of a sealed LED light unit (two on the wider treads) mounted underneath the leading edge of the tread which illuminate when the tread is deployed.

Side Corner Flashing Lights

This is a simple safety feature that highlights the corners of deployed steps in poor light conditions. They operate only when the tread is deployed.

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