**Launching 1st December 2018**


“A new design concept where customer safety is never compromised!”

Did you know that with over 90% of current Push/Pull Brake/Accelerators on the market, you are restricted to a pre-determined fixed steering wheel position?

Did you know that many Push/Pull Brake/Accelerators require the driver’s airbag to be disconnected or removed?

With the new BAS Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator, customer safety is never compromised!

The new design allows for full movement of the steering wheel, allowing each driver to set the wheel at the best and safest driving position for them. In addition to this there a range of handles and handle bars to choose from, ensuring a bespoke driving experience for every customer.

The new designs mean that the vehicle’s airbags are never removed or interfered with. The positioning is such, that if the airbag is deployed, the driver’s safety is not compromised.

An added bonus with the new design is that on 95% of vehicles, there is no cutting or reshaping of the vehicle’s trim or components. This is unlike current Push/Pull Brake/Accelerators, where almost all require some cutting of the vehicle trims.

In our opinion, the BAS Push/Pull is the safest Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator on the market!

Select the BAS Push/Pull if you value the safety of yourself and your family. Here at BAS, we do!

Contact the office on 0161 776 1594 or email office@basnw.co.uk to find out more!

BAS Push Pull Brake Accelerator Leaflet