Driving School Package 5 – BAS Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator & Over/Under Ring Accelerator

Item 1 – BAS Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator:

“A new design concept where customer safety is never compromised!”

If you are unable to use the foot pedals in your vehicle, then the new BAS Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator is the ideal adaptation for you!

The adaptation allows a driver to operate the brake and accelerator by hand, using a single lever in a push/pull motion.

The adaptation is seat mounted and runs along the inside door sill.  A range of handles and handle bars are available, as well as an optional indicator switch.  An electronic accelerator option is also available.

Special/Unique Features:

  • Full movement of the steering wheel – this allows the the driver to have the wheel at the optimum driving position for them.
  • No removal of or interference with the driver’s airbag – some current Push/Pulls on the market require the driver’s airbag to be removed or disconnected. With the BAS Push/Pull, customer safety is never compromised.
  • No cutting of the vehicle’s trim or components on 95% of vehicles.

Click here for the BAS Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator Leaflet


Item 2 – Over/Under Ring Accelerator

The BAS Ring Accelerator transfers acceleration from the foot pedal to a specially designed ring fitted above (Over Ring) or below (Under Ring) the steering wheel.  The linear push motion towards the steering wheel of the Over Ring Accelerator and the pull motion towards the steering wheel of the Under Ring Accelerator, allows for gradual and smooth acceleration.  The adaptation can be used with one or both hands, enabling full control of the steering wheel.

As with all BAS products, safety is paramount and with both the Over and Under Ring models, the original vehicle safety features are not affected.

The sleek and stylish design allows the adaptation to blend seamlessly with the vehicle’s original interior.  A quick release option is available in the Over Ring model, meaning that the car can be driven easily without the device.

This adaptation can also be used in conjunction with a push brake. Foot pedal operation is not affected by the ring.

Click here for the BAS Ring Accelerator Leaflet