Hurt Manual Swing Up Transfer Plate

Seating Aids/Conversions are ideal for those customers who struggle to get in and out of their vehicle. We offer a wide range including person hoists, transfer plates, swivel seats and extended seat runners. Contact the office on 0161 776 1594 to find out more about our full range of seating aids.


New & Improved Hurt Manual Transfer Plate – now available in quick release removable and swing up options! Also featuring a new larger plate, making transfer smoother and easier!

The Hurt Manual Swing Up Transfer Plate is a simple aid which is designed to make boarding a vehicle from a wheelchair/scooter much more comfortable.  The plate can be fitted to either the driver or passenger seat and fills the gap between the seat and the door, allowing for easy and seamless transfer.  Once in the vehicle, the plate then swings up, taking up minimal space in the vehicle.

Available options:

  • Lift up driver side (HUT001)
  • Lift up passenger side (HUT002)
  • Removable option driver side (HUT003)
  • Removable option passenger side (HUT004)

This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for further information.


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