BraunAbility UVL Series Lift

Cassette wheelchair lifts for coaches and transit buses.



The UVL-Series are well proven lifts for commercial use. Mounted in the step or other dedicated compartment of the bus, they stay out of sight and out of the way until called upon. The UVL-Series wheelchair lifts are fully automatic and are operated by an attendant using a handheld control.


  • Reliable – high-quality well proven workhorses.
  • Discreet installation – the cassette form makes it possible to hide the lift where it won’t interfere with anyone’s view, be it passenger or driver.
  • Handheld control – a handheld 3-button control is used to operate all lift functions.
  • Manual backup – in the event of a complete vehicle electrical failure, the UVL-Series will still be fully operational thanks to a manual backup system.
  • Anti-slip – as an added safety feature the platform of the UVL-Series has been given a slip resistant surface.
  • Quiet and rattle free – the UVL-Series is smooth and quiet in operation.
  • Tested and approved – EMC test approved.  They fulfil the requirements to bear the CE-label as well as the E5 label for type approval.