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Brig-Ayd Electric Trigger Throttle and Push Brake

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The Brig-Ayd Electric Trigger Throttle and Brake Hand Control is based around their already successful silver line push/pull hand control system.  It allows users to control the throttle via a trigger incorporated in the handle of the controls.  The brake is operated in the same manner as their conventional Silver Line control system, by pushing the handle down; this gives light and responsive control of the vehicle’s brakes.

The throttle of the vehicle is controlled by the trigger portion of the control handle which can be operated with just a few grams of force giving a light and responsive feel when driving the vehicle. When the vehicle is started you push the green button and push hard on the brake lever, this activates the trigger throttle when you hear a beep.

This control has been designed to fit a large range of modern vehicles. Users also have the flexibility to switch back to normal foot control by pushing the switch button. This control gives an excellent degree of vehicle control with virtually no fatigue to the driver. It’s a great choice for those wishing to drive long distances or indeed those required to drive for a living.

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