Handytech – Mechanical Floor Mounted Brake & Accelerator

BAS offer a wide range of adaptations to improve your driving environment.  These range from Push/Pull Brake/Accelerators, Secondary Driving Controls, Steering Aids, Electronic Accelerators, Pedal Extensions, Handbrake Aids and many more. Contact the office on 0161 776 1594 to find out more about these great products.


The Mechanical Floor Mounted Brake & Accelerator’s wide handle allows for a simple and natural pushing action when braking and a simple pulling action to accelerate.  The pushing forward for the brake operation is smooth and modular thanks to the ergonomic grip; the same that allows for gradual acceleration in all driving conditions.

Thanks to the innovative design, the device can be integrated seamlessly into even the most modern and technological vehicle interiors.  The adaptation can be placed on either the right or left hand side of the steering wheel.  The device can also include a horn activation button and an electrified brake block.

The adaptation is suitable for all brake and accelerator systems and its features do not interfere with Cruise Control or Kick Down functions. Vehicle safety systems are not compromised  (air bags, etc.) and as a universal device it is possible to transfer from one vehicle to another, restoring the original vehicle to its original condition.

NOTE – This product is not available to purchase online. Please contact the office for more information.

Click here for the Mechanical Floor Mounted Brake and Accelerator User Manual


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